See our favorite wedding venues on Connecticut below.

Why is Connecticut perfect for my wedding?

Connecticut has an old-world vibe that is unique to the state. The Nutmeg State nickname comes from this importation, and it proves enough reason for why people love Connecticut so much! With moderate temperatures year round in some areas, you’ll want your wedding here under warm waves with sandy toes walking along serene beaches.

For those who are looking to make a big impression, there are plenty of wedding venues in Connecticut that can accommodate your guest list and budget. You may choose from elegant castles or stately mansions for the perfect ceremony with an incredible view overlooking lush gardens under sunny skies with top-notch food options too. Incredible, out of this world! Couples can even get married at sea with a cruise ship wedding.

New Haven is best known as the home of Yale University, which boasts some impressive museums. You’ll find plays and performances that rival any Broadway show in this sophisticated town with educated people living there who love theater-going culture so much they host it all year long! Meanwhile, Hartford is a city in Connecticut known for alternative music and an incredible rose garden. The capital of the state, it’s full of romantic venues with elegant river or ocean views that make it easy to get married in one. In here, wedding bells ring at any number from historic barns to elegant villas.

The beautiful views of the East Rock trails would make a gorgeous wedding picture, though it may be unnecessary to travel anywhere else for photo opportunities as there are exquisite mansions and castles in this city. The stunning natural scenery on one’s special day could take picturesque landscapes from the ordinary – a perfect addition to any guest book!

Bridgeport is a great place to escape the hustle and bustles of big city life. With plenty of outdoor activities such as hiking, biking or camping within an hour’s drive from New York City, it offers much more than just colonial history here! Also, the Park City is a place where you can find plenty of large parks and spaces for wedding ceremonies. The high costs, heat in summertime as well as other seasons make fall through spring more popular among lovers. But there’s still an option if they want to get married on location with some luxury choices available, like attending one at their favorite resort or getting suited up country club style!

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