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Why is Delaware perfect for my wedding?

Delaware is a small state, but it’s home to some big history. The 1600s are represented with historic homes and estates that trace one family’s rise from poverty into wealth during America’s Industrial Revolution era of great fortunes being made in Delaware. In fact, this place offers a collection that includes some of America’s foremost masterpieces, the Winterthur Museum is an excellent place to see for those who are interested in fine art. And if you’re one of those artsy couples, then you might want to consider Delaware as a location for your wedding celebration!

Not only that Delaware showcases the historic beauty among its renowned museums, it’s also proud to show visitors the abundant beaches within its area! The beaches of Delaware provide summer playgrounds for residents of Washington, D.C., Wilmington and Philadelphia. The Atlantic coast is home to some beautiful stretches that extend almost all the way down into Virginia with its sandy shores providing families an opportunity at fun in nature’s most glorious forms.

The best thing about Rehoboth Beach is that it’s a laid-back town with plenty of boutique stores and restaurants. There are also some really nice beaches to explore, like Bethany or Dewey Beaches if you want something more rustic! North of Rehoboth is Cape Henlopen State Park and the charmingly old fashioned Lewes. Enjoy a beach for every taste with its three miles of pristine white sand beaches, or take your family on one of their many nature trails through maritime forests.

Built in the early 1900s, Nemours Mansion is a historic home that was bequeathed to its owners by Alfred du Pont. This beautiful 77-room residence features an impressive garden and formal French gardens. Beyond the expansive lawns, meadows and woodlands that make up almost 200 acres of this place is an area where intermittent jets of water shoot into air. Follow your feet on its long walk towards the Reflecting Pool for some time spent relaxing at a one-of-a kind scenery. While you watch cars beautifully display their history in what some people refer to as “The Chauffeur’s Garage.”

On the contrary, John Dickinson was known as the “Penman of American Revolution,” and he helped draft America’s first constitution in 1778. His brick house is one example that today helps visitors to fully appreciate what life looked like during his time period when it comes to architecture. Outbuilding complexes were all connected through walkways, while slaves or tenants worked on their masters’ farms here for generations after them. The farm is a perfect destination for any family looking to have an educational outing. You might even get a chance to interact with some costumed interpreters who will be roaming around the property performing duties that would have been commonplace in the 16th century.

Also, Brandywine Creek State Park is an exquisite location for wildlife enthusiasts. The 933 acre park includes the Brandywine Zoo, which houses animals from around the globe in its tenacious exhibits! The Brandywine Zoo is a haven for those who want to get up close and personal with nature. The zoo specializes in North American endangered species, but it also has plenty of other attractions like its Sensory Trail. Brandywine Creek State Park is a gem of the Delaware Valley, especially known for its majestic stand of tulip poplar trees that are close to 200 years old!


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