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Why is Missouri perfect for my wedding?

The hidden oasis of the Midwest, Missouri has it all for travelers. It has plenty of attractions for tourists, including beautiful rolling hills, natural springs, lush forests. They are home to countless historical and literary sites that can be easily accessed by travelers. The largest city in the Midwest is also located here where one will find a lot of culture within its urban areas, while delicious food helps make Missouri an even better destination for travel.

It’s no secret that Missouri is a state of golden cornfields, but it also has an array of wedding venues. Some of the most popular choices include banquet halls, ballrooms or hotels in large cities like St. Louis and Kansas City. However, if you prefer nature over city life, then Missouri State Parks offer a more laid back setting with breathtaking views of rolling green hills that will take your breath away! If golfing is on top of your list for activities at weddings, they’ll gladly show it to you. Also, they have wineries and historical buildings along with built out century old barns. That would be ideal too since they are already equipped with catering facilities as well.

St. Louis, a city on the western bank of the Mississippi River is known for being home to avid baseball fans and incredible hot air balloon races. It’s been ranked as one of most generous cities in America due to it’s well-known near-southern hospitality! You can also choose from a various selection of modern ballrooms and banquet halls here, as this 250-year-old city surely boasts many historic sites.

There’s also Kansas City, the perfect place for lovers. Although it’s bordered by farms and boasts a country feel, this city was ranked 10th best for hipsters! There are many festivals throughout the year that you can attend here as well. Including an Irish fest or one of 2 Little Italy sections where locals gather to eat authentic Italian food. It also showcases beautiful fountains, marble columns, and cute bridges decorating parks across town.

A visit to Springfield should definitely be on your list if you plan on getting married. The city’s rich cultural scene and vibrant nightlife offer a perfect backdrop for the festivities, while its low cost of living makes it an affordable place to have your big day. There are plenty of options when choosing wedding venues in this idyllic location, from theaters and clubs to castles!

Columbia is known as the “Athens of the West” for its amateur Olympic-style sports events held every summer. Along with other college towns, this place has big city venue variety and small town community spirit to make any bride feel like a Greek goddess at their elegant banquet halls or more simple outdoor wedding ceremony.

Lastly, Branson, Missouri is a charming tourist town that’s well equipped to host your wedding. With over 8 million visitors every year and attractions like Silver Dollar City atop the incredible Marvel Cave – Branson has it all! This small-but-mighty city boasts quaint wineries, fairy tale gardens, rustic farms, and even classy banquet halls if you’re looking for something more traditional.

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