Marriott St. Louis Grand Hotel

Here at the Marriott St. Louis Grand Hotel, they know that traditional doesn’t have to be stuffy or boring! In addition, their ballroom awaits with a stunning elegance for your wedding. They can definitely help make it feel like an episode from one of those fairytales! On one hand, you’ll never run out of space at your wedding! The largest ballroom in the hotel is just waiting for you to transform it into a grandiose affair.

On the other hand, various spaces, all of equal beauty and sophistication, await to set the perfect stage for your big day. The Crystal Ballroom is the largest that the Marriott St. Louis Grand Hotel offers, with 4,658 square feet of room for you to design and bring to life all of your wedding dreams. With the many ballrooms at your disposal, you are sure to find one that suits any occasion! Whether you decide on the ballroom or something else, your wedding will be full of opulence and splendor!

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