Alrewas Hayes

Alrewas Hayes is a hidden 100-acre estate in the heart of rural Staffordshire. This historical site offers exceptional event experiences, perfect for weddings or other celebrations! Also, when the Williams family moved into their Queen Anne residence, they were not just settling in to a house. This beautiful building has been home for five generations of British people and their heritage is still very much at its heart today!

In addition, the picturesque and secluded estate has become a highly sought-after venue for events today. That includes weddings, private events or corporate retreats. Further, Alrewas Hayes is available to hire on an exclusive use basis seven days a week, throughout the year. Plus if you’re looking for something different, then this venue may be just what you are after! Alrewas Hayes is the perfect venue for any and every type of wedding. Whether you’re planning a large-scale celebration such as an Asian Wedding, or something more intimate like your bachelorette party. Alrewas has what it takes to make sure that all guests have fun.

Moreover, Alrewas Hayes is a place where the unimaginable becomes reality, with state-of-the art production facilities including image mapping and world class lighting. On the contrary, Alrewas Hayes infuses fine dining with the flavors of the season, creating extraordinary experiences that will make any gathering feel like it was tailored just for you! The Alrewas Hayes is a luxurious place with 11 bedrooms that offer guests an incredibly personal experience.

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