All Saints, Stand

All Saints Church welcomes you to their friendly community. As Christians, they follow the way of Jesus and offer a sincere welcome for all visitors who wish to worship with them in Christ’s name! In fact, All Saints, Stand Church is a place for people of all ages and backgrounds to come together in worship. They believe that the Christian faith has so much meaning by adding its own personal worth. Which makes life more fulfilling than ever before!

Further, the church is a special place for those who choose to get married. And the people at All Saints are always happy to welcome couples as they prepare for their big day. On one hand, contact Chris Haworth, the church warden. He will help you get everything organized and take care of any necessary paperwork. Just right before they can set a date for your wedding! If you’re interested in getting married here, the Church of England website has all sorts information needed.

Keep in mind to make sure you don’t book your reception prior. Or make any other arrangements until the date and time of the wedding have been confirmed. After which, once it has been confirmed and booked, they are happy to meet with you at any stage of the process and answer all of your questions regarding your wedding day.

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