Beverley Minster

The Minster has been a place of beauty, worship and spiritual inspiration. Especially since its development for over 1300 years. As a matter of fact, the first community was founded by John, Bishop of York. In addition, John’s desire to live a pure life led him on this spiritual journey that would later pave his way for sainthood. As well as one of England’s most important religious figures ever!

On the contrary, the Beverley Minster was reduced to the status of a parish church after 1548. It was when it ceased being a Roman Catholic church. The building’s neglect was keenly felt in the 1800s, but its collapse was prevented by restorations that began then and continue today. Furthermore, the Minster is an ideal location for a wedding. They welcome enquiries about arranging your special day with them. And you’ll start married life surrounded by family members who love you both deeply.

Keep in mind as a general guide, you need to live within Beverley Minster’s parish or have some other strong and recent connection in order to tie the knot here. That includes being baptized in the parish or having lived in the area for several years too. Your other loved ones can also be a part of the church community if they attend the masses regularly.

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