Thank you for being a part of the beta group for Wedding Maps.  Please follow these instructions to modify/complete your profile.  If you have any questions or issues, please email

Getting Started

1. Check your email – Click the link in the email to reset your password.  Be sure to check all folders, including your spam folder.  If you do not see an email, you can manually reset your password here.
2. Login here: Your username is simply your email.
3. Click Photographer Profile
photographer profile

4. Save Often! IMPORTANT – The beta version of the backend is still a bit clunky, and we will continue to work on the UX/UI of it in subsequent phases.  Because of this, be sure to save often by clicking the “save” buttons on the page as seen below.

Section 1 – “General Section”

1. Enter your Business Name – Please use your full name.  Please exclude the word “photography” from the end of your name.

2. Profile Description (About Us) –  Please write 100 to 300 words to describe you or your business.  You can take this directly from your other online profiles or about us pages on your website.  This is displayed directly below your featured image.

3. Featured Profile Image – This is the featured image that is displayed in search results on the website AND in the prominent first section of your profile that you see below.  Please upload a profile image (with landscape orientation in a 4×6 ratio).  We prefer an action photo or other photo with personality (rather than a standard headshot).

featured image

Section 2 – Location


1. Enter your region – Please choose your state if your specific region or city is not listed.  We are still in the process of populating all regions.

2, Enter your Address – If you don’t have a physical location, simply put your city and state.

Section 3 – Services, Skills and Contact Info

services section1. Services – Check all that apply.

2. Skills – Check all that apply.

3. Contact information – Fill out as much information as you’d like to display on your profile.  Here’s what it looks like on the front end:

contact info frontend

Section 4 – Curated Videos, Business Hours, Social Information

1. Curated Videos (Optional) – Enter the Vimeo or Youtube links of any slideshows, wedding videos, interviews, lectures or other videos you’d like displayed.  They are displayed here on the frontend:

curated videos front end

2. Curated Gallery – Upload as many as 4 galleries.  Please upload images with widths between 800px and 2400px.  You may separate each gallery as you wish.  For example, you can 2 galleries, one for “weddings” and one for “engagements.”  You can also break down galleries by part of the day, so you can have one for “preparation” and one for “ceremony” and one for “couples session” and one for “reception” and so on.  You can even get creative and abstract if you would like.  Click “Add Row” to add an additional gallery.

add gallery

IMPORTANT: Notice how you MUST associate EACH image with your own profile.  This may seem redundant and a bit annoying, but this feature will prove useful in later phases when we utilize your images on other pages of the site (like venue listings and on tips articles) and each of these images are linked back to your profile, driving eyeballs to your profile.These galleries will display here in the front end:

curated galleries frontend

3. Top Photographer GalleryThis is the section at the very top of the page.  Please use images with larger dimensions, such as 2000px wide, to accommodate larger screens.  Please upload 3-5 images (minimum of 3 images). 

top gallery backend

This section is displayed here in the front end:

front end main gallery

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