In Love and Adventure is made up of husband and wife, Alex & Kelly. Alex & Kelly are adventure wedding and elopement photographers based out of Grand Junction, Colorado. Their work is inspired by love, storytelling, and nature. After their own elopement in 2016 they made it their mission to help couples who want an adventure over tradition.

Our photography style is a unique blend of candid, photojournalistic, and fine art approaches. This means that we not only focus on capturing the genuine emotions and interactions between our subjects, but also place a strong emphasis on composing visually stunning images that showcase the enchanting beauty of the environment. Our keen eye for detail and an innate ability to capture the fleeting moments of joy, laughter, and intimacy set us apart from the competition.

At In Love and Adventure, we understand that each love story is unique, and we work tirelessly to capture the individual essence of each couple. We take the time to get to know our clients, creating an atmosphere of trust and comfort, which allows for genuine moments to unfold naturally in front of the camera. Our personalized approach ensures that every client receives a collection of images that truly represent their love and connection.

We also have a passion for adventure and exploration, which is why we love to capture the spirit of wanderlust and the beauty of the great outdoors. Our team is always excited to work with couples who share our love for nature, and we are more than happy to follow you on your journey to breathtaking locations. From the serene beaches to the majestic mountain peaks, In Love and Adventure is dedicated to creating stunning images that encapsulate the awe-inspiring beauty of the world around us.

Hi, I’m David and I live on the Isle of Skye in Scotland with my beautiful wife, Orie, and our twin girls, Eisa and Reina.

My passion lies in helping you craft a wedding experience focussed on honouring your love in a way that’s true and honest.

Quality time and genuine interactions are things that I value sharing with the people in my life.

Those make-your-cheeks-hurt laughing moments, the \\\”OMG ME TOO!\\\” realizations, belting out lyrics to your favorite songs together, bonding over delicious meals or having deep conversations.

Those will always be core memories, and that\\\’s what I want to document and create when I\\\’m photographing elopements.

After having a big wedding myself, and having photographed large weddings for several years, I thought that was all there was. But when I photographed my first elopement all those years agoI fell in love.

Having a day so intimate and personal allows for those little relationship moments to shine through in every part of it. The one-on-one time you get with your partner, and the people you include is that much sweeter.

Soooo, I guess you could say I\\\’m pretty obsessed with elopements haha

Oklahoma based Wedding Photographer traveling world wide.
Our team of artisans take a bespoke approach for your wedding, giving you the unique, luxurious experience you deserve on your wedding day. Right from the start we like to hear your vision on your wedding. We help map out your wedding plans, and style so we aren’t showing up shooting blind, but we’re able to shoot your wedding through your eyes. It’s as though you were on our side of the lens, shooting the moments and memories most meaningful to you.
Our years of experience assures you that you’ll be able to relax and focus on enjoying yourself on your wedding day.

Hi, we are Mo and Nico, a husband and wife wedding photographer duo, based in Italy and available worldwide.
We are just two dreamers in love with people and the art of storytelling.
Our approach is simple, to capture your genuine connection, raw emotions and small spontaneous gestures is our goal.
We are so honoured to document extraordinary love stories and we feel extremely lucky to call it our job.
We love to travel and go on new adventures.

Every love is unique, so is yours – I am here to photograph its essence. To photograph it is the most wonderful experience I had. I’ve been doing it for 13 years and I don’t feel like stopping.

I’m a restless, curious person with thousands ideas per second. What to eat, which country to visit next or how to capture a couple kissing in a beautiful image. I put all that passion in my work with one rule – letting you feel free in front of my camera. My intention is to make you laugh and dance as if no one’s watching, but also capture those candid moments in between, when the world stops and you look at each other with sparkly eyes. Oh, I am crazy about all those lovely details!

I have seen wedding photography evolve through almost two decades. Time moves fast and I’ve always believed that pictures I deliver should carry universal qualities. Truth, understanding and love are my inspiration for work. These values allow me to look at each story with a kind and curious eye.

For you to be comfortable and carefree I step back in the shadow, I let things happen and photograph everything unobtrusively. I intend to deliver authentic, natural emotions painted with light. If someones says I was invisible at the wedding, for me it’s a compliment. Yet, you can count on me, in the most stressful moments, to cheer you up or zip up your dress while taking pictures (true story!). You should feel you’re in good hands when sharing your precious love and intimacy.

Born in 1985, in the pittoresque village of Tarxien in the island of Malta, I pursued my studies and graduated as a mechanical engineer in 2007.  Although the engineering world and art may seem to be unrelated, I find a point of encounter between the two worlds by specializing in design.   In 2013 I  began to seriously explore the photographic world and since then I have  been seeking perfection and harmony in my photography and started collaborating with other photographers.  Through my photography I try to combine the invisible and spiritual realm with the physical and optical dimensions.

Through out the years I have photographed couples from all over the world including couples from China, Japan, South Korea, Australia, England, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Russia, Germany, Latvia, India, and the USA.  I love meeting and working with people from all over the world.   I describe my style in three words: timeless, romantic and elegant.  I pursue to continue perfecting my technique and provide the best photographic experience possible.

Thien Tong is a Wedding Photographer in Vietnam specializing in capturing authentic moments between beautiful couples. We\’re Thien and Ly – husband and wife – two people of Thien Tong Photography. Although we are based in Saigon, we often move place to place seasonally to photograph several weddings.

Thien Tong Photography’s signature style of shooting is storytelling. Our strength is to capture real moments and make them a little more poetic than what we see.

Amrit Photography specializes in documenting weddings and crafting meaningful images that balance the curated with the raw – the composed with the real. Inspired by fashion and challenging the status quo, Amrit Photography travels to some of the most beautiful locations to tell the authentic story of a couple’s wedding day. The memories are preserved in images that are elegant and timeless with an editorial flair. Based in Vancouver, Canada and available worldwide. Visit and Instagram @amritphotography.

At Amrit Photography, we are committed to excellence in our craft and serving a limited number of clients each year. To bring your vision to reality, we pride ourselves on providing an experience that keeps wedding planning organized and communication constant. We are passionate about what we do, and are grateful to have captured love stories for over 10 years.

I always knew that I wanted to see the world and experience what it had to offer outside of Ohio. I moved to Florida, got a film degree, and worked for Disney (bringing couples straight to Cinderella’s castle for their wedding photos. I know, that’s kindaaaaa coooool). Then found myself on a plane to New York City with a one-way ticket.

I slept on the floor of my Brooklyn studio apartment, dreaming of the IKEA bed I eventually got, and worked as a server in Times Square (#thefrickenworst).


Hi! I am Bernadeta, a fine art wedding documentary photographer based in Scotland. Romantic soul, lover of rainy days, dark chocolate and cappuccino.

I love exploring the world in all its weird and wonderful variety, trying new foods, meeting new people and listening to their stories. And I wander through this beautiful world hand-in-hand with the love of my life, Pawel.

And I have to admit, I’m a little different. I refuse to sleep on the door-side of the bed (don’t ask me why!) I love exploring castles and imagining the stories hidden in their walls. I love listening to songs with my eyes closed and taking them apart in my head. And I love the weird, specific sense of humour you get in the Marvel and LOTR movies!

But above all, I’m an eternal optimist. I appreciate everything I have, savour every moment, and see the beauty in everything I see. Because life’s too fleeting and precious to not be cherished, isn’t it?

I am an UN-traditional, creative/cinematic and alternative wedding photographer (that is quite the mouthful). A massive film nerd who went to film school (shock) and works in at least 10/15 quotes into an average day (probably way more if I’m honest with myself). Part-time model, Carhartt/SneakerHead and Glasses aficionado. If my life had a theme tune, it would be performed by City & Colour or Sigur Ros.

What’s that? You hate having your photo being taken? Music to my ears!

I don’t want posey folk thank you very much, I want all the real moments, emotion, the laughter and the fun stuff in the middle. Sure we will get kick ass portraits of the two of you and you will think holy crap is that us?! Awesome!! I’m there to take photos (of course you are silly) but making you feel super chilled and comfy having your photos snappity snapped is the biggest part for me.

Oh and if you read all of this (no skimming), I snuck in one TV/Film reference. If you can find it and tell me on enquiry/consultation what it is then you will receive a crisp high five and my eternal respect.


We are Henry & Sergio and we help couples craft an intentional experience that allows honest emotions to reveal themselves because everyone deserve to truly and fully immerse themselves into the day that commemorates the beginning of something new, magical, and worth every second living for.

Whether it’s an intimate wedding with family by your side or an adventure elopement where you and your partner can share vows in complete privacy in front of no one else but the beauty of nature, we are here to walk alongside with you in order to help make sure all those emotions can come out honestly, organically, and completely true to you

Base in Seattle, Washington, we explore and photograph all all over the Pacific Northwest as well as beautiful destinations around the world.

Not knowing where to elope? It’s completely ok, we are here to help. Check out our top most beautiful places to elope in the world


My style is distinct, a result of both my unrelenting commitment to my craft and complete trust from clients who commission me.

You’re not going to read about any awards, badges, or “top 10 lists” because what matters is you’re in love with the work that you see and are ready to trust me entirely to do what I do. This trust drives me to find the perfect balance between creative experimentation and honest documentation.

I mostly showcase portraits; my direction and vision come through strongest in these shots. Of course, weddings are about more than just pictures of yourselves, and I’m happy to share full galleries with you upon inquiry.

We are photographers, wedding guides, marketing instructors, foodies and culture-lovers. We value honesty, authenticity and heartfelt emotion. We have been together since 2003 and we celebrated our own big day in the golden sunlight of a region known as the “German Tuscany.” We love to travel, explore new destinations and meet new people – but we also love spending quality time with our family and friends.

I like to do things different, mixing the old with the new in a relaxed and creative way. I’m Portuguese, lived in Sweden for almost a decade and I guess you could say England is home. I’m married to Zion, and she’s by far the cutest girl in the class hands down. I love and breathe music, all things creative and my faith is the constant that drives me and my work forward.

I find myself incredibly fortunate to travel all over the world for weddings, there’s a beautiful sense of adventure that comes with new places, culture and people. Those things constantly inspire me to create images that capture the best in people on a pretty incredible day, so wherever your wedding day is, I’m game. I would love to hear your story and how we can hopefully work together to create something awesome and unique.

Hi, I\’m Hannah – a non-traditional wedding photographer based in Dorset, but will travel all over the world for your wedding. I believe that weddings should be anything but ordinary. They should be wild, electrifying, and bursting with energy. It\’s all about the extraordinary, the unconventional, and the unforgettable. Whether it\’s capturing you and your lover jumping into a pool fully dressed or dancing under a shower of confetti, I\’m here to create photos that will make your friends jealous and your future selves nostalgic.

​Are you madly in love and looking for goosebump-worthy wedding photos that radiate main character vibes? Do you fiercely believe that weddings should be so much more than stuffy traditions? And are you ready to rock out all night, embracing your inner rebels while belting out your favourite 00\’s bangers from your elder emo playlist?

Well, if you answered all questions with a big HELL YES and are ready to break the rules and chase emotions, then you belong here.

My name is Damian and I am a passionate Cheshire and Manchester Wedding photographer who love’s to tell stories using an artistic visual narrative throughout your whole day, I am a lover of natural light, quirky romance, polaroids and my passion is to catch images that stir up an emotion, that takes you right back to that moment that you can even smell it, sense it, feel it and these are true wedding moments that can often get lost during the chaos of a wedding day.

The top wedding photographer Cornelia Lietz captures your wedding in a creative and authentic way. She effortlessly creates individual portraits of you as a couple. With her unique wedding reports, she manages to keep the feeling and experience of your wedding alive forever in pictures. Cornelia usually photographs in the Cologne, Düsseldorf, and Essen areas, but she also enjoys accompanying you throughout Germany and Europe.

Hi, I’m Romain! I’m a professional wedding photographer living an hour and a half from the French capital, Paris. When I’m not capturing weddings you will find me listening to music and working my way through my extensive vinyl record collection. There’s something so magical about travelling, exploring and discovering new places. I appreciate culture and the beauty of the world. I’m passionate about the environment and often use nature as a source of inspiration for my work and everyday life, and this translates through to my imagery.

Did you ever have that feeling of seeing images that cast a spell over you? That capture all of your attention because they make you feel something? Well, I know what it feels like and I know what it’s like to sink into that moment, sink into that memory. My goal is to make that happen for you, too.

Being sensitive and empathic has helped me along my way to anticipate moments that make a highly emotional story – and I’m not talking about the obvious ones. What I mean is seeing through the ordinary and finding meaning in the smallest things. Be it your dozing dog on the sofa, rain drops falling from the rooftop or your little niece watching Peppa Pig while the bride is getting her hair done.

If you feel that there is so much more to your wedding day than just saying YES (which is nonetheless one of the most exciting moments!) I will be the one who stands by your side – not as a vendor, not as a know-it-all but as a friend and companion on an unforgettable and unique journey. YOUR journey – with all its unspoken words, ugly crying and trembling hands.

My images speak a language made of light and shadow, silence and noise, but most of all: LOVE in all of its facets.

Emotion-filled Documentary Wedding Photography for Greek Island Elopements

I am Magdalene, I have been an award-winning visual artist and, since 2009, a wedding photographer in Greece. I love observing people and emotions and being a storyteller. I do have a very discreet approach to documenting events so that I capture authentic moments, full of emotions, in real-time. I do cover destination weddings all over Greece and Cyprus.
Check my clients’ reviews at:

Though we’ve been photographing side-by-side for almost 10 years, you won’t find anything templated or cookie-cutter about our approach. Instead, we’re constantly innovating – bringing different perspectives and complementary styles to your day.

While Ben is more photojournalistic – capturing small, intimate gestures and in-between moments, Sirjana is more editorial – capturing the two of you against sweeping landscapes.

Together, we push ourselves creatively, using everything from Bollywood films to Mother Nature for inspiration. In fact … WE WON’T REST UNTIL WE’VE CAPTURED STUNNING IMAGES THAT ARE 100% UNIQUE TO YOU, YOUR STORY, AND YOUR DAY.

International awarded photographer and cinematographer graduated at The Academy of Dramatic Arts in department of Photography and Cinematography with numerous photography and cinematography workshops Worldwide. One of the World leading wedding studio specialized in wedding photography and cinematography.

Six author exhibitions and over 100 group exhibitions worldwide. Member of WPC, APA, EEVA, Exclusive- Weddings.Eu. etc.

7 years of International wedding experience from: United States, UK, Qatar, UAE, Egypt, Switzerland, Spain, Germany, Austria, Italy, France, Slovenia, Cyprus, etc.

References and Publications: World Bank, Unicef, Amnesty International, Ascendant Capital Advises, Juliana Nails Europe, Warner Music Group, Davis Cup, ATP, HL,  Playboy, PhotoFR, etc.

I love real and raw emotion. I love up close and in your face images that put the viewer inside your day. I blend fashion, and photo-journalistic styles to give you images that look like they have come straight from a scene in a movie or page from a magazine. Every laugh, every smile, is captured in a way that evokes real and vivid memories.
Cinematic by design, I want you to look back on your images and be taken back to the day as if it were yesterday.

Hi, my name is Thomas Ingersoll and I am a wedding photographer located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Being an integral part of your day and celebrating love is a passion of mine. Being a photographer is my full time job, so I invest all of my effort into the people who let me capture their beautiful memories. When I show up to your wedding day, you can expect me to be calm and collected, even if you aren’t. I will capture all of the small details that make your wedding beautiful, and catch the fleeting moments that you will cherish forever.

I take pride in my photos and have earned myself a place in several published mediums such as Phoenix Bride and Groom, Arizona Foothills, and Practical Photography. I was awarded the 2012 Eric Fischl Vanguard Award and am a writer for a national photography blog, F-stoppers. My style of photography is geared towards being natural. I won’t make you do any cheesy poses, but instead let your love flow out to each other organically and catch the moment where your loved one makes you laugh, or catch a stolen kiss. However, if you aren’t comfortable in front of a camera, I will do whatever it takes to get you to laugh or feel at ease, even if that means shaking my butt or doing something embarrassing. I want this day to be fun, and the pictures should reflect that.

We understand the pressures you are facing planning your wedding and want to let you know we are here to help! We want to capture you being you and make you feel comfortable and help you if you feel awkward. We love working with couples who are unconventional but value marriage! We love to photograph in a photojournalistic way that is authentic and true to who you are as a couple. We like to photograph romantic editorial images that are fun and creative. We love our couples who are elegant yet down to earth and cherish our time together with them. We want to give you gorgeous images that make you feel all the feels.

Jay Cassario is a professional wedding and portrait photographer. Him and his wife Sandi own and run Twisted Oaks Studio, a multi-photographer studio based out of Southern New Jersey. Jay is a well-recognized pro photographer for Leica and his works have been published in numerous magazines. He is also an educational ambassador for the SLR Lounge. His work is characterized by his artistic approach and his unique way of storytelling through his images. He has won several awards and teaches as well.

I’m a lighthearted, tree-hugging, bad ass multi-tasking, cat loving, adventurous spirit. I believe in trying new things, traveling as much as possible and loving my people hard. Weekends are for weddings, outdoor adventures, family, farmers markets, trying new restaurants, or chillin in my hot tub with a Negroni and a Nat Geo.Having said that, the PNW is where I call home. I was born and raised in Seattle and will always be in love with the smell of rain, being surrounded by mountains, and going on awesome outdoor adventures.

Photography chose me and I embraced it. Self taught and armed with a passion for documenting life, photography gives me balance, perspective, and allows me to see things in a different light. Making a living doing something I’m passionate about is pretty much the best thing ever. I love building new relationships, supporting my community, and create something bigger than myself.

Nowadays you’ll find me decked in camera gear rallying a rowdy wedding party, collaborating with local business owners to launch their new brand, or on a mountain top with a newly engaged couple laughing our asses off. My clients believe in my ability to tell their story and in that vulnerability and trust comes honest images that make them feel confident and understood.

It’s an honor. Every. Single. Time.

Hello, I\’m Tara.


Oh, and I’m also a kick-ass wedding photographer.
I\’m a humanist, an advocate for love and equality, a coffee-addict, an \”almost crazy cat lady\” (trust me, if Nyx let me, I\’d have a dozen cats here by now!), a part-time shower singer, and full-time wedding photographer based in Dallas, Texas. My mission is to provide inclusive, body-positive, and human-centric photography for all. I want you to fall in love with yourself, your partner, and everything in between – over and over!

Read more about me here

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