Anne Stephenson Photo & Narrative

Hi there, I’m Anne (with an “e”)! I traded in corporate spreadsheets for shutter clicks and swapped my cubicle for the breathtaking mountains of Denver and the wider West. As a wedding photographer, I’m not just here to capture staged smiles and posed portraits – my heart beats for the real, unscripted moments that paint wedding days in living color.

With over 10 years of weddings under my belt, I’m a seasoned navigator of the wedding whirlwind. Couples tell me that I’m the calm presence in the storm, ensuring they can relax and savor every precious minute while I document it all seamlessly. My attention to detail and communication skills, sharpened in those corporate days, enable me to craft unforgettable photo experiences that tell unique love stories.

My journey as a professional photographer started at The Art Institute of Salt Lake City, where I fell head over heels for digital photography. But my geek and artist sides are always in perfect harmony – you’ll find me exploring hidden trails with my husband Scott or diving into family history when I’m not behind the lens.


Lightroom / Natural Light / Off Camera Flash / Photojournalism / Photoshop

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