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Bliss Photos is a Pennsylvania based Wedding Photographer servicing weddings in PA, MD, DC, NYC, and beyond! Bliss Photos is an inclusive wedding photographer that creates romantic & timeless photos with a documentary approach. As a wedding photographer for 10+ years, my favorite photo to capture is when a couple is completely in their own world and not even aware of the camera. I strive for that photo EVERY time. Those photos are once in a lifetime photos and that’s exactly what I’m all about – capturing the real you in that special moment. That is a gift that you will cherish for a lifetime and lifetimes after that.

I tell your story in such an authentic way by really getting to know you first! I also create an environment for you to feel the most comfortable you’ve ever felt in front of the camera. I pay attention to my couples and how they’re truly feeling. It is important to me for you to have the best day, so I will never overwhelm my couples with a camera in their faces. Most couples don’t even notice when I’m taking candids throughout the day.


Lightroom / Natural Light / Off Camera Flash / Photojournalism


What inspired you to become a wedding photographer?

Ever since I was a child, I wanted to be an artist. Little shy Melissa had no problem going up to complete strangers and saying, “I’m an artist, ya know!” I have explored many avenues as a creative. I even studied theatre in college! But, there was something extra special to me about holding that camera in my hand, seeing that beautiful moment, and capturing it just as I see it through my eyes. I took Studio Photography in High School, but it wasn’t until I got a job working for a wedding photographer based in DC about 15 years ago. I started as her assistant, then quickly became her primary second photographer, then lead photographer for her weddings. I think what truly inspires me is my surroundings. I’ve always had a sensitivity to everything around me. Where some people can walk past a gorgeous sunset, I have to stop and ooo and ahhh over it! I can’t help myself, but be caught up when the light pierces through the trees at golden hour! But, even more than that, people truly inspire me! I love photographing weddings specifically because I am able to capture real, live emotion as it’s happening! There isn’t anything more beautiful to me than that!

How would you describe your photography style?

I would describe my photography style as romantic and timeless with a documentary approach. It is important for me to capture moments and details as they are happening on your wedding day. I take so much care to keep natural skin tones throughout the editing process. My photography is true to color, but also dreamy and romantic. My wedding photography photos have been described by a wedding client of mine as looking like “snapshots from a beautiful film.”

How do you ensure that your clients feel comfortable and relaxed during the photo shoot?

My wedding clients feeling comfortable is one of the most important things for me! This is one thing that absolutely sets me apart from other photographers. The majority of my wedding clients will initially tell me that they feel awkward in front of the camera or that they don’t love being the center of attention. The thing that draws them to me is they can see in the images how relaxed and natural everyone looks. The way that I do this starts from the initial phone chat. I ask my couples questions that help me to get to know them on a deeper level and what they truly mean to one another, and why this day is so special to them. It is important for me to feel a connection with my wedding clients! During the engagement session, I will do a lot of prompts to help get them out of their heads and into their “feeling minds.” Sometimes just standing forehead to forehead and synching their breathing will do the trick! I also just have a natural way of making others feel comfortable – it’s really just part of who I am!

How do you ensure that you capture all of the important moments on the wedding day?

About a month before your wedding, I will send out a questionnaire for you to fill out that helps me to organize a timeline with you, but also includes questions asking about important photos. I will always make sure to get the important moments, but I like to hear what is meaningful to each of my clients. For instance, if you are super close to your father, you may want to have a first look with him. I ask these things in the questionnaire also so that I know to spend a little more time on things like your father walking you down the aisle or your parent dances.

What is your favorite part of the wedding day and why?

I really love photographing everyone getting ready on their wedding day! I love capturing the nervous excitement, the way my couple’s parents look at their children makes my heart swell! I love creating beautiful portraits during the wedding day, but it’s those little in-between moments that are so special! I feel so honored to be able to capture all of that feeling!

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