Dave Shay

Dave Shay Photography has delivered internationally recognized quality to over 400 couples throughout the United States.

We bring a people-first attitude to photography to preserve the memories of those people and experiences most special, long after the moments have passed.

Dave Shay currently accepts five weddings per year. Pricing is custom set per event, with total coverage collections starting at $5,500.

Request a consultation to learn more.

Privacy considerations for high profile events available upon request.

Former technician for FujiFilm and Leica Camera, Dave Shay brings a technical awareness to each shoot having built cameras by hand. Starting the business in New York and New Jersey, Dave Shay has photographed sitting presidents, celebrities, and over 400 different couples throughout 30 states in the 10 year journey.

Dave Shay has been proudly awarded more than 40 times in some of the fiercest international competitions and been named ambassador for companies like SLR Lounge, MagMod, and more. Dave is known throughout the photography industry as a low-light specialist, delivering high quality portraiture into the evening hours, where newer photographers struggle.

While still serving the entire continental US, Dave now lives in Raleigh North Carolina with his wife Sarah, two children Jonathan and Carolina, and dog Sadie. When Dave is not photographing, you can find him cooking, hiking, or spending times in the mountains with his family.


Lightroom / Natural Light / Off Camera Flash / Photojournalism / Photoshop

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