Rain on Your Wedding Day? Here’s What You Need to Know

Every couple wants every detail of their wedding day to be picture-perfect, including the weather. From the birds chirping to the sun shining, everything has to be on point! The reality is, however, that despite your best planning efforts, you might just have rain on your wedding day.

There’s a bright side, however. Rain does not automatically mean that your wedding is doomed or that you won’t get stunning photos from the celebration. In fact, regarding the latter, a bit of rain might actually make for even better photos. With the right amount of preparation, you can use rainy weather to your advantage.

We’ve put some tips together so that you’ll know what to expect if you wind up with rain on your wedding day. Let’s get started!

What Happens When It Rains?

From a geographical point of view, there are dry months and wet months. Of course, the easy recommendation is to plan your wedding to take place during the dry months if you don’t want to deal with rain on your wedding day. The pursuit of great weather is a big reason why so many couples schedule their wedding in the summer. But, if you have reasons for celebrating outside of the summer season, then you must be prepared.

In case there’s a chance of rain on or around your wedding day, having a contingency plan will give you the best chance of making the most of your wedding day. Here are some foolproof tips to help you create such a plan.

How to Plan for a Rainy Wedding Day?

It’s not always a bad thing when it rains. The combination of the right mindset and ample preparations will allow you to make the most of the unique weather. Here’s how to prepare for it.

Rent a Tent

Outdoor weddings are all fun and games until somebody gets rained on. To avoid such tragedy, coordinate with your wedding venue provider and ask them if they have a backup plan for inclement weather. If they don’t offer indoor options that you can use on short notice in case of rain, ask your wedding planner to have a tent rental on speed dial. If the forecast calls for rain on your wedding date, contact the tent rental for a quick setup.

Consider Your Glam Team

It goes by without saying that waterproof mascaras are the way to go at a wedding. That way, you’re covered for both rain and tears. However, we still recommend keeping the hair & makeup crew readily available (if possible) for a quick touchup in case the members of your wedding party get wet.

At the same time, low-maintenance hairdos are a smart way to go when rainy weather is a possibility! Consider a laid back yet stylish bun. Or, maybe opt for the simple appeal of a hair let down with a flower crown on top.

Keep the Temp Warm

When it rains, it’ll get cold. To keep your wedding guests from shivering, ask your wedding venue provider if they have portable heaters or tent walls. If not, you may have to shell out some cash to provide for it. Furthermore, don’t forget to inform your guests about any likelihood of rain. That way, they can prepare appropriate pieces of clothing such as jackets, shrugs, or a bolero.

Plan for an “Emergency” Budget 

Preparing for inclement weather will take a toll on your wedding budget. Whether you experience rain on wedding day or not, such expenditures should be accounted for. You can coordinate with your wedding planner or wedding venue providers as to the cost of services or products you’ll need to accommodate you and your guests in the event that it rains. Consider this number when planning your budget.

Hire a Photographer Who Can Effectively Navigate through the Rain

Pictures look fun and exciting when it’s sunny. But, when it rains, a total 180-degree shift occurs. If you don’t want to look like a wet mess on your wedding day, hire a photographer who knows how to shoot on rainy wedding days.

Ask them for ideas to make the most of the weather. Better yet, look for photos online that you can use as inspiration. We’ve gathered some photos to inspire you in case you find yourself experiencing rain on your wedding day.

wedding rain
rain wedding
umbrella wedding day
rainy day
wedding day rain

Whether it’s rainy or sunny on your wedding day, you must commit to it and have fun! You’re only going to get married once and no amount of rain is going to ruin that day of love and happiness for you.

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