reflection wedding photography

Stunning Examples of Reflection Photography at Weddings

Reflection photography can add an extra layer of beauty and elegance to your wedding photos. Using a Reflection is one of the most common creative compositions photographers use and for good reason! Of the many ways that reflections affect images, here are a few:

  • Reflections can create a symmetrical scene, adding to the visual interest.
  • Reflections can amplify and emphasize beauty in the skies by displaying it multiple times in one frame.
  • Reflections can conceal unattractive elements in a scene.
  • Reflections can add to the story and create a since of photojournalism.

Whether the photographer is finding reflections in a scene with water, window, and mirrors or creating reflections with objects in front of the lens like prisms or even phones, the results can be impactful. Here are some stunning examples of reflection photography from real weddings.

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