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Wedding Silhouette Photography

Wedding silhouettes are one of the most popular trends in wedding photography. They are created when the photographer takes a picture of the bride and groom against a bright background, such as a sunset. The shapes of the bodies are visible, but the detail on the clothes and body are dark or completely black.  The resulting image is a beautiful, romantic silhouette of the couple with a sense of mystery. In this article, we’re going to show you some stunning examples of silhouette photography from our award winning photographers, and for you photographers reading this, we’ll give you some tips on getting beautiful silhouette photography.

Silhouette Wedding Photography Inspiration

yosemite winter engagement session lin jirsa

Image by Lin and Jirsa at Yosemite National Park

merrydale manor wedding damian brandon photography

Image by Damian Brandon at the Merrydale Manor


hoosier ridge engagement j la plante photography

Image by J La Plante at Hoosier Ridge

dave moss abby plus dave wedding photography

Image by Abby Plus Dave

Tips for Silhouette Wedding Photography

Don’t Overdo it – Wedding silhouettes are meant to be a small part of the wedding photography mix. They’re not meant to be the only thing you shoot or even the majority. A good rule of thumb is to limit the number of silhouettes to a handful of shots per shoot. Of course, take your clients’ preferences into consideration.

Find the Right Background – Wedding silhouettes look best with an interesting or beautiful background such as a sunset, interesting lights, or scenic views. Also, ensure that the difference in the light on the background and the light on the subject is enough to create a silhouette of the wedding couple.

Create a Flattering Silhouette – Watch for angles, lose clothing, or jaw lines that could lead to an unflattering Silhouette.

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