Venue Submission

Please submit your images for an existing venue on Wedding Maps or a venue whose listing is currently missing.

Option 1: Submit Images with Form Below

If you would like to submit images to a specific venue for a chance to be featured on their venue listing, please fill out the following form.

(You may submit images for any venue, including venues that are currently not listed.  We will utilize the images you submit to create a listing for that venue).

    Option 2: Submit Images with Email

    Alternatively, you may email your images to  Please include the name and city of the venue as the subject of the email.


    How many images should I submit?

    You may submit as many images as you would like.  However, we will likely only choose 3-5.

    What are the best dimensions for the images?

    Please ensure that your images are at least 1500px wide and ideally no more than 3000px wide.

    More Questions?

    Please email if you have any other questions.

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