Bronx Zoo

Bronx Zoo in New York is the best engagement photo location due to its vast selection of beautifully maintained gardens and grounds. The picturesque beauty of the zoo sets up a perfect opportunity for happy couples to capture their special moment. From its amazing species habitats, lush groves, and diversity of wildlife, Bronx Zoo gives photographers the chance to create dynamic images full of life and color. With wide open spaces and uniquely themed exhibition areas, it provides a lively backdrop for fun-filled shots taken against an animal backdrop.

Complete with a wide range of distinctively designed attractions available within the zoo, members are sure to have a blast posing among creatures for photos that will commemorate their special relationship forever. Lastly, the knowledgeable photographers at Bronx Zoo often have access to areas in the park normally inaccessible to visitors. This gives you an advantage over other locations for capturing exceptional shots for your engagement photos.

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