Hoover-Mason Trestle

The Hoover Mason Trestle is an old railway that was once used to transport raw materials. Such as coal and limestone needed for making steel in furnaces. Now, the trestle is a public walkway that was designed to be part museum, part community recreation resource and attraction. It stands 46 feet tall and over 2,000 feet long!

On June 25th, the Hoover Mason Trestle opened to visitors from all over the world. It’s located along two entrances at either end of the Gas Blowing Engine House and the Wind Creek parking lot, providing access for those who are interested in history or just want an easy walk through nature. Get up close and personal with the blast furnaces at Hoover Mason Trestle too! In addition, the HMT is a public facility owned by the Redevelopment Authority of City Bethlehem. Where you can freely tour this cool industrial property in full access.

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