Paxson Hill Farm

Nestled in the beautiful Bucks County is the Paxson Hill Farm. It is a 32-acre property that has become one of the most unique and picturesque attractions to visit. Also, it features an expansive nursery with rare plants that can’t be found anywhere else. Not to mention, the gardens there provide an excellent place to explore with beautiful flowers of all kinds, including lavender, roses, tomato bushes, fig trees – the list goes on!

Moreover, experience a hidden world of vegetables, herbs and floras. Enjoy the sights and sounds as you wander through gardens that have been designed to provide different experiences for all who enter their gates: shade gardens, formal garden beds filled with color, ponds where frogs live peacefully next to dragonflies or turtles; even “never never land” is not too far away. They offer exquisite outdoor spaces like no other – truly a fairytale setting! Further, this place is absolutely amazing! And it’s not just because they have an incredible amount of sculptures, animals, gardens – there are also trails that lead to more art pieces. Better yet, at the end of the bridge over the pond, there may even be musicians playing music for you! Now, talk about the ultimate wedding destination.

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