The Lucy | Cescaphe

Forever classic, timeless and modern, Cescaphe’s The Lucy embodies it all! The elegant venue combines a progressive interpretation of 19th century detailing with staggering textures and materiality. The European inspired brass chandeliers illuminate marble accents with its ivory wall paneling to bring about a warm traditional aesthetic. Otherwise, it is an entirely upscale space that caters well to any event type, from weddings and all the way down to corporate events or private parties! Painted white brick and chevron wood floors evoke feelings of timelessness – it doesn’t get more classic than this Philadelphia gem!

It’s a sight to behold. With its stained-glass windows, well-lit hallways and modern decorations, it is the perfect place for intimate wedding ceremonies! The Lucy wedding experience is designed to be a party that you and your guests will never forget. Simply enjoy luxurious open bars and gourmet cuisine. Also, the second floor Mezzanine overlooks the vastly gorgeous Grand Ballroom. Moreover, the cocktail hour-and-a-half also features signature cocktails of Cescaphe’s own creation, as well as some classics such as martinis or margaritas if desired!

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