The Ritz-Carlton, Boston

Nestled within the vibrant heart of downtown Boston, The Ritz-Carlton unveils a captivating blend of modern elegance and timeless allure, a harmonious canvas that seamlessly embraces the essence of any wedding day.

Embrace the dawning of your grand occasion by indulging in the hotel’s on-site salon and spa, ensuring you radiate with resplendence as you embark on your journey down the aisle. Here, contemporary flair intertwines with enduring romance, crafting an environment that is perfectly tailored to your vision.

Whether your aspirations envision a grand affair adorned with over 200 cherished guests or a more intimate gathering, this exquisite haven stands ready to welcome you. Exchange your vows or dance in jubilation within the majestic ballroom, an expansive sanctuary adorned with regal columns that stand as guardians of time. Contemporary chandeliers dance with light, drawing the gaze and illuminating the scene, while floor-to-ceiling windows unveil panoramic vistas of the Boston Common—a captivating tableau that complements the significance of your celebration.

The dedicated catering team takes pride in curating an experience that is as unique as your love story. Drawing upon the hotel’s generous wedding packages, they meticulously craft a symphony of flavors that mirror your desires, turning culinary artistry into an integral part of your union.

Amidst the energy and charm of Boston, within the embrace of The Ritz-Carlton, your dreams of a remarkable wedding day become reality. Let the rhythm of the city’s heartbeat blend harmoniously with the beats of your heart, as you host a Boston wedding that is destined to etch its beauty into the annals of memory.

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