VIP Country Club

VIP Country Club in New York is the ideal place to host your wedding ceremony. This esteemed venue offers couples a custom-crafted wedding package that guarantees an exquisite and memorable setting. Not only is VIP Country Club reputed for its top-notch service, but also its world-class amenities. From a stunning ballroom and elegant dining options to floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking stunning grounds, the modernized designs offer something special that other venues don’t.

Furthermore, the experienced staff at VIP Country Club will cater to your every need, giving you peace of mind that your big day will be perfect in every way. With all it has to offer, there’s no doubt why VIP Country Club is one of the best wedding venues in New York. Whether it’s an elopement or a full-scale ceremony, VIP Country Club provides the perfect backdrop for a truly magical wedding day leaving you with fond memories to cherish forever.

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