Indulge in a timeless elegance thoughtfully preserved for you and your esteemed guests within the embrace of the Whitehall mansion, a cherished haven nestled in the heart of Louisville, KY. The expanse of lush gardens and sprawling grounds, available for rent alongside the mansion, presents a grand canvas for outdoor celebrations, whether under the open sky or beneath the embrace of elegant tents. Paramount to the Whitehall team is the steadfast dedication to safeguarding the historical essence of the mansion and its gardens, ensuring that their preservation takes precedence in all activities hosted on this hallowed estate.

Whitehall extends heartfelt gratitude to its valued patrons for their unwavering enthusiasm in embracing this extraordinary site. The commitment to safeguarding and nurturing this cherished property during its tenure under their care is deeply appreciated.

Within the mansion’s refined interiors, a harmonious union of history and sophistication awaits, capable of accommodating up to 200 guests in a cocktail-style reception, or up to 100 guests for an intimate seated dinner. Moreover, the option of additional seating graces the front and side porches, inviting guests to bask in the charm of the surroundings while enjoying the festivities.

As you step into Whitehall’s embrace, you embark on a journey that not only encapsulates the allure of a bygone era but also reveres the beauty of the present, ensuring that your cherished celebrations harmoniously meld with the legacy of this storied estate.

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