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Rethink Wedding Awards

This section of the website is for submitting images to get featured in articles (on Wedding Maps & partner websites) and to win Wedding Maps Awards. After years of managing awards on SLR Lounge and participating in awards on other platforms, we’ve come up with a new, better system.

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The Problem

Traditional awards platforms require significant time and some difficult decisions. Understanding all of the contest rules, predicting what the judges are looking for, and hunting for the best images are just some of the pain points in the process.

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The Solution

We’ve designed a better, simpler way! Just submit your images to get featured in the Wedding Maps and SLR Lounge articles (described below).  From there, our team of professionals carefully review your submissions to select the best images for awards.

How to Get Featured & Win Awards

Step 1 – Select a Category Below

We will rotate categories every 2-4 weeks.  To stay informed of new categories, be sure to join our newsletter.

Step 2 – Submit Your Best Images

You may submit up to 2 images per challenge.  Be sure to fill out all of the information for each image.

Step 3 – Get Selected for Features and Awards

Our team of professionals will include the best images in articles on Wedding Maps and partner websites and select the top images to win awards.

Step 4 – Gain Visibility

The more awards you win the higher your profile will rank in the listing of photographers
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Open Challenges

Choose a challenge and submit your best images. The best images will be selected for placement in articles on Wedding Maps and Partner Websites. The “best of the best” will be selected to win Wedding Maps Awards.

Members Only

Note, the awards section is for members only.  If you’re interested in joining, you may apply below.  If you’re already a member, you can log in below using your email and password.

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