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Breathtaking Bridesmaid Pictures for Inspiration

Every new bride needs a crew of bridesmaids. They play an essential role in the bridal party, providing support and companionship to the bride-to-be throughout pre-wedding and wedding activities. Bachelorette parties would not be the same (or anywhere near as memorable) without them, and neither would the wedding. In this article, we’ve turned to our roster of award-winning photographers for a collection of bridesmaid pictures that capture what it’s like to be a bridesmaid. As you can see in the images below, bridesmaids generally make the bride’s wedding journey more fun, exciting and comfortable.  This article will cover the following categories of bridesmaids photos:

Bridesmaids in Robes

Getting ready for your wedding day has never been fancier with a gorgeous robe! These robes can be customized with names, fabric, prints, color and more.

fun bridesmaids photos prep mauricio garbanzo

Image by Mauricio Ureña Photography

lin jirsa bridesmaids

Image by Pye of Lin and Jirsa Photography

Mauricio Garbanzo

Image by Mauricio Ureña Photography

Mauricio Garbanzo

Image by Mauricio Ureña Photography

Bridesmaids Helping The Bride Get Ready

A bridesmaid’s duty ranges from being a bride’s emotional support, a style consultant, a planner’s assistant and more! Aside from these duties, a bridesmaid will make herself available to anything that the bride may ask help with.

JM Chicago Clark County Wedding Photography jpg nggid nggdyn x fwcrfrt

Image by Pye of Lin and Jirsa Photography

Image by Lin and Jirsa Photography

Image by Pye of Lin and Jirsa Photography

bridesmaid pictures of bridal prep

Image by Pye of Lin and Jirsa Photography

Terra Bella Temecula Riverside County Wedding Photography bridesmaid pictures

Image by Pye of Lin and Jirsa Photography

Bridesmaids During the Ceremony

A bridesmaid is someone a bride considers an integral part of her life and now, her married life. During weddings, bridesmaids share a bride’s aspiration for a long-lasting love and happy married life.

Image by Lin

Image by Pye of Lin and Jirsa Photography

Editorial or Dramatic Bridesmaids Photos

Bridesmaid photos display a variety of aesthetic imagery. From photos that display amazing friendships, colors and themes that speak of everyone’s personalities, and even images that make you go breathless, bridesmaid photos really do have it all!

Tree Marie Woodsmith

Image by Theresa Wood

Classic Bridesmaids Group Photos

Capturing the smiles, laughter and tears from your bridal party is a timeless moment you’ll always cherish. Let all your emotions out and laugh like never before! Remember, this is your moment to shine.

Thresa Wood

Image by Theresa Wood


Whether you’re getting ready during bridal prep or celebrating after the ceremony, bridesmaids truly make your wedding day special. Take advantage of having a photographer on hand and capture all the small details in your bridesmaid pictures. For example, most bridesmaids wear matching outfits, from robes to dresses, to further symbolize their unity. This unified team is present because of and for you! Make sure to document this in photos!

A quick look the variety of bridesmaid pictures here shows these groups are genuinely happy to be together. Allowing yourself to relax with friends will also allow the photographer to capture authentic, flattering photos. Don’t let stress ruin your pics and get in the way of the amazing occasion unfolding around you.

As illustrated above, family can integrate seamlessly into bridal party activities. Don’t be afraid to incorporate them into your bridesmaid pictures, especially during bridal prep.

These bridesmaid pictures capture you with your best friends on one of your most important days. Communicate with your photographer in advance to make sure you’re on the same page for your photos.

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