Complete Guide to Bride Getting Ready Photos

The moments leading up to a wedding ceremony are filled with excitement, nerves, and anticipation. As a bride, you want to remember every detail of the day, from getting ready with your closest friends to walking down the aisle to your future spouse. Capturing those moments through photographs is a crucial part of preserving those memories for years to come. In this guide, we’ll provide you with tips and tricks for taking beautiful bride getting ready photos that you’ll cherish forever.

Why Bride Getting Ready Photos are Important

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On a typical day, we don’t put much thought into documenting our routine for getting ready. Sure, we might snap a quick selfie of a cute outfit to share on social media, but that’s about it. On a wedding day, however, the otherwise mundane act of getting ready takes on a new level of significance. Wedding photographers use their behind-the-scenes access to brides and their bridesmaids to capture everything from the dresses, shoes, and jewelry to candid interactions between the bridal party as they put the finishing touches on hair & makeup, share a sip of champagne, and prepare to walk down the aisle. These photos tell the story behind the story, and it’s worth telling.

Plan a Good Location with Ideal Timing

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Before the day of the wedding, it’s important to plan out the logistics of the getting ready photoshoot. First, you’ll want to choose a location that has good lighting and ample space for you and your bridal party to get ready comfortably. Consider the ambiance and decor of the location as well, as they can enhance the overall aesthetic of your photos.

Timing is another important consideration. You’ll want to plan for enough time to capture all the essential shots while still having enough time to get ready for the ceremony. Communicate with your photographer beforehand to ensure you’re on the same page about timing and expectations for the shoot.

Wear Your Dress Early for Bridal Prep Photos

Getting into your wedding dress early leaves the photographer ample time to capture your elegance in it. Your photographer can capture moments from when your parents see you for the first time and even mingle with your bridal party.

Communicate What You Value with Your Photographer

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During the early stages of communicating with the photographer, long before the wedding day, communicate what you value most most so that you can plan accordingly and capture all of the important details. This is true for your bride getting ready photos as well as the entire day and includes everything from friends and family to other traditional details (the wedding dress, jewelry, shoes, flowers, gifts, decor, etc).

Gather the details ahead of time

One of the most memorable aspects of bride getting ready photos is capturing the details of the bride’s wedding day look. This includes taking shots of the wedding dress, shoes, jewelry, and any other accessories. When taking these photos, pay attention to lighting and angles to showcase these details in the best possible way.

Depending on the collection of details the bride and groom would like photographed, it could take a significant amount of time to gather them together if it’s not done beforehand. Communicate with the bride and groom to have all of the details that they’d like photographed ready for you at the start of the day.

Involve The VIPS

Including your bridal party and VIP family members in the getting ready photoshoot can add an extra layer of fun and excitement to the experience. Consider taking creative shots with your bridesmaids, such as jumping on the bed or sharing a bottle of champagne.

You can also have your mother help add the final touches to your dress or have a family member help with your jewelry. Not only does it add action to the images, but it also captures the people who are most important to you on your special day.

Consider Activities That Add to the Story

For emotional bride getting ready photos, consider planning a few simple activities, such as the following:

  • Drink Champagne
  • Give Gifts
  • Say a Group Prayer
  • Give your bridesmaids Cards
  • Have a first look between you and your bridesmaids or family members

Anticipate the activities that may happen during the preparation phase of your wedding day. By communicating with your photographer beforehand and discussing your plans, you’ll be able to plan accordingly and ensure that these moments are captured in a natural, photojournalistic style. These photos will add to the overall collection, telling the story of your day in a way that you’ll be proud of. So, be sure to communicate your ideas and plans with your photographer to make the most of your wedding day photos!

Have the room cleaned or reset

Create a clean backdrop for your bride getting ready photos. If the room is cluttered, it can distract from your subject and lower the overall production value of the images. Consider asking hotel staff to reset the room or clean it yourself to create a clean and organized background for your photos.

Turn off the room lights (unless used creatively)

Another tip is to turn off the room lights, if possible, and use natural light coming in from windows. This will help to avoid any mixed lighting issues, which can affect the quality of the photos. If you do encounter mixed lighting issues, you can find tips on how to fix them in Lightroom.

Emphasize the Emotions

While capturing the details is essential, it’s also crucial to convey the emotions of the day through candid shots. From the joy and excitement of getting ready with your bridesmaids to the final moments before walking down the aisle, these emotions are a significant part of the wedding day experience. As a bride, you should feel comfortable and natural around your photographer, which will help bring out your true emotions in the photos.

Have fun and allow your photographer to capture your getting ready moments like a photojournalist. Avoid feeling like you need direction and guidance for every action and enjoy the moment. Take a step back and let the day unfold naturally, capturing those special moments along the way.


Bride getting ready photos are an essential part of capturing the memories of your wedding day. By following these tips and tricks, you’ll be able to create beautiful photos that showcase the details, emotions, and excitement of the day. Remember, the most important thing is to enjoy the experience and feel comfortable in front of the camera. With these guidelines, you’ll have beautiful photos that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

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