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Tea Ceremony Pictures from Chinese and Vietnamese Weddings

Weddings represent one of the most significant cultural celebrations that bring people together. Each culture brings with it unique traditions to the wedding day. Vietnamese and Chinese weddings, in particular, make a point to celebrate a couple’s union while also paying homage to the elderly and their ancestors. One great example of this for both Chinese and Vietnamese weddings involves the tea ceremony. If you’re unfamiliar with tea ceremonies, we will serve as your guide in understanding this intricate and meaningful tradition. To further enhance your understanding, we’ve curated a collection of breathtaking tea ceremony pictures from Chinese and Vietnamese weddings from our award-winning roster of photographers.

The Purpose of the Tea Ceremony

Both Vietnamese and Chinese weddings include the century-old celebration of the tea ceremony. The tea ceremony, especially nowadays, is done on the day of the betrothal ceremony, engagement party, and wedding reception.

During a tea ceremony, the couple will kneel before their elders, parents, and in-laws. Then, the couple will serve tea as a symbol of their faithfulness to one another as well as family. At the same time, drinking the tea symbolizes that a family not only recognizes the bride or the groom for their child, but also accepts the person as part of their family.

In addition to respect, recognition, and acceptance, the tea ceremony also shows the couple’s expression of gratitude to their elders. Because they are marrying into their partner’s family, they will show their respect and gratitude by serving their elders, parents, and in-laws.

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