How to Find a Wedding Videographer

Of the photos and videos you’ll star in throughout your lifetime, your wedding video will surely rank among the most treasured videos in your collection. Wedding videos contain once-in-a-lifetime memories from the biggest day of your life. That’s why finding the best wedding videographers should take a high position on your list of priorities when planning your big day. You might plan the perfect wedding, but only a qualified pro will do it justice when it comes to capturing a video you’ll want to revisit time and again as the years go by.

To help you find a wedding videographer that can do your wedding justice, we’ve come up with the list of the best tips to make this daunting task easy. Let’s get into it.

1. Do Research


If you want to hire the top wedding videographers, good old-fashioned research is necessary. You can talk to your married friends and family members to ask for their suggestions. You can also search for the best wedding videographers over social media because they flood their pages with sample videos. Read the reviews that other people have provided on their pages to see if their services are reliable.

Pro Tip: Never hire a videographer without evaluating his/her previous work and reviews (Portfolio alone is not enough).

2. Figure Out What Video Style You Want

Another important factor to consider is the wedding video style you want because it will minimize your search criteria. You’ll only have to look for wedding videographers that offer the specific style you are looking for. Always consider looking at their previous work to see whether they offer different styles like a contemporary, cinematic, documentary, a fusion of photos and videos, music montage, etc.

3. Be Prepared: You Might Need Music Licensing!


If your wedding video style includes music, you’ll likely need a music license for that. You have to clarify it with your videographer who’s responsibility this is, and whether the cost of music licensing comes down to you or the videographer. 

4. Define Your Budget

You have to spend a lot of money on many important tasks for your wedding day. That’s why defining your budget for a wedding videographer is very critical. But we recommend you to spend as much as you can because the video results depend on it, and you don’t want to have any regrets later on.

5. Consider the Videographer’s Qualities and Service Features


Occasions in which the most important people in your life come together at one time and place to celebrate with you are few and far between. You want someone who captures every bit of detail on your wedding. The following are the qualities that you should look for while selecting a wedding videographer.

  • S/he should be professional, experienced, and friendly
  • Hire someone comfortable with your wedding venue
  • Find the videographer with the personality that matches your required style
  • You can search beyond your city but it’s good to hire a local videographer
  • Hire someone who is a licensed, drone pilot
  • S/he must have all the required professional equipment

6. Get a Clear Turn-Around Time for Your Wedding Videos

Finalize the time that your videographer will take to provide you with your wedding film. The industry standard is about three-six months. Make sure you don’t have to wait any longer than the decided date.

7. Understand Your Package and Contract


As the wedding videos have become trendy and popular, so have their terminologies and package options. Don’t just sign your contract without reading and understanding it. Make sure that your contract with the videographer remains private, and all the terms and conditions must be clearly defined. Understand what you get in your package to make sure that your wedding videographer delivers it.


We hope these tips will help you to find the top wedding videographer to meet your budget and make your dream wedding video. It can take a while to find the right one, but it’s worth your time, energy, and money.

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