Lily Lake

The Lily Lake Loop in Rocky Mountain National Park is one of the best hikes for families near Estes Park. This easy, fully accessible trail circles around the beautiful lake and nearby wetland just over three-quarters mile long! Also, from Estes Park, drive 6.3 miles south on Colorado Highway 7 to the Lily Lake parking area and start your hike when it’s sunny!

On one hand, not only does this lake offer the best view, but the surrounding area can also be accessed for your wedding! With that, you’ll have a natural backdrop that you’ll truly remember for a long time. Along with your loved ones, your wedding celebrations here at Lily Lake will be something you will treasure for a long time!

Hiking the beautiful and pristine wilderness is an experience like no other. Not only does this hike offer stunning views, but it provides opportunities for family adventures. Ranging from fishing or picnicking on one of the many scenic overlooks throughout your journey! In addition, the beauty of Lily Lake is only exceeded by its serenity. One can enjoy the tranquility that this scenic spot has to offer without ever having to fear for their safety.

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