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Belinda Philleo, Southern California wedding photographer, joined Wedding Maps in August of 2022. Since joining Wedding Maps, Belinda has seen an organic search traffic increase of 10X. In this article, we'll explore how she achieved these results in such a short amount of time. Even if you're not a member of Wedding Maps, read on because there are still some key takeaways that you can apply to your marketing plan!

10X increase according to search analytics tool, SEM Rush

The primary factors for her SEO success, from our analysis and from our interview with Belinda, were as follows: 1) Website Content and 2) Backlinks. Let's dive in to each.

1) Content (Venue Pages and Resources)

In our education, both on SLR Lounge and on Wedding Maps, we teach the importance of creating resources for your website, from venue and vendor pages to client education. Belinda took those concepts and created dozens of high quality pages on her website.

Belinda created dozens of high quality venue pages and resources pages on her website

"I've implemented some of the suggestions found in the SLR Lounge Business course, and suggestions that were sent by you from W.M. about creating venue-specific pages and making sure my directory/listing pages are set up with accurate info. I feel like those suggestions have helped a lot!"

- Belinda

You can read more about creating venue and vendor pages here.

2) Backlinks (Authority Building)

The second part of the equation is authority and link building, i.e. generating links from high quality, authoritative websites in the same niche. To build links, photographers should look for opportunities to get their work featured on related websites, consider writing for online photography publications, get featured by the brands that they use, list in relevant business directories, and more.

Learn More About Link Building Strategies Here

With Wedding Maps, we helped Belinda with through our Feature Challenges. In these challenges, our photographers upload their best images for specific themes and categories. After each challenge, the best images are used for educational resources on Wedding Maps and on various partner websites such as the ones we list below.

"Most of the good backlinks I've gotten in the last 6 months or so are due to W.M. I've always struggled with how to get those kinds of links in the past so I think this is a really cool feature of the service!"

- Belinda

Articles We Got Her Featured In

Backlink Value and Authority

What's more important than the number of links is the quality and authority of the links. The following graphic illustrates Belinda's backlinks ranked by the Authority Score assigned to each link in SEM Rush. As you can see, we have helped her get 4 of her top 5 most authoritative backlinks.

Links based on authority

3) On-site SEO and More!

Along with these efforts, Belinda made sure that her site speed was optimized, and she submitted her business to various directories. She also submitted her sitemap to Google My Business and more!

As we continue to feature more of her work and she continues executing more of the best SEO practices, her rankings will likely continue climbing!

A special Thank You to Belinda for allowing us to feature her business in this case study! See her Website | See her Wedding Maps Profile

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