Zahn Trotter

My journey in photography began in the 00s, helping dad in his photography business; sorting through negatives the old-fashioned way, backing up scans onto CD-rom, and tinkering in long-discontinued editing software on 333mhz iMac.

Since 2011, I’ve been doing wedding photography as a full-time gig.

It isn’t lost on me what a cool job it is. I get to see crazy places and hang out with all kinds of people.

I reside in Auckland and Mangawhai and travel as much as I can.

I drink short black coffee, cask-strength whisky, I cook meat with fire and make tacos with a lot of chilli.

My taste in wedding photography is similar to my taste in food. I don’t like it bland or boring.

A photographer at a wedding is a bit like a foodie in a farmers market. There is potential everywhere you look.

Like a nutritionally balanced meal, your wedding photos will include all the key ingredients. Family photos, speeches, all the important moments.

But like a wannabe Bourdain, I’ll document your wedding with photos that are honest, full of life, and a helluva lot of fun to look back on as the years go by.


Lightroom / Natural Light / Off Camera Flash / Photojournalism / Photoshop

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