Unique Groomsmen Gift Ideas

As the Groom, one of the most important things you can do is show your appreciation for your Groomsmen. Just as they’re important in your everyday life, they will play an integral part of your big day. They deserve a thank you gift to show how meaningful it is to have them present for this milestone in your life. If you find it difficult to decide what to get them to show your appreciation, have no fear. Here are some unique Groomsmen gift ideas to consider.



Alcohol is always a popular choice. If your Groomsmen are the type who enjoy adult beverages, you can definitely use that to your advantage when picking out the perfect Groomsmen gifts. Consider getting them engraved flasks. You can have the wedding date and their name engraved on the flasks to keep it personal. If they are more of a “beer guy,” you can get engraved mugs or beer glasses.



Rarely do you come across a man who doesn’t have a thing for watches. The watch itself doesn’t have to be expensive. Just make sure you keep this type of gift sentimental. Engraving these, for example, can personalize your token of appreciation. You can either have the back of the watch or the watch case engraved with a date or note of your appreciation.



Whether your Groomsmen are smokers or not, a sophisticated personalized cigar box full of top notch cigars could make a great gift. If nothing else, it would make a great collection/display piece to have as a memory for your big day.

Man Cave Decor:

Men tend to keep a personal space (or man cave) for hanging out and relaxing. Any type of gift that would suitable for a man cave will surely earn you buddy points! This could include wall hangings such as posters or neon signs. Also, small things like engraved coasters could be a big hit. It doesn’t have to be expensive to show your appreciation. Just try to keep it practical, yet sentimental at the same time.

Grooming Kits:

Most men enjoy having grooming kits to keep their beards on point. There are many great grooming kits on the market that your Groomsmen are sure to enjoy. Some options may feel cost-prohibitive, but I can assure you that if you provide them with a nice grooming kit they will think of you and thank you every time they use it.

Coffee drinkers?

Do your guys enjoy coffee? You can always gift them with engraved personalized coffee mugs and a few samples of exquisite coffee blends. When your Groomsmen sit down and have a cup of Joe, they will look at that mug and have flashbacks of your big day, which you gave them the honor of being a part of.

grilling tools!

You can customize grilling tools and accessories for your Groomsmen. Whether it be an apron or a set of grilling utensils, you simply can’t go wrong with these types of gifts. It is practical, yet also sentimental if you get if personalized. Make them think of you every time they grill a nice meal for their family.

base your groomsmen gifts on their personalities


When it comes to deciding on the perfect Groomsmen gifts, keep in mind their personalities. Do they like the occasional glass of whiskey or beer, are they coffee drinkers? Do they enjoy grilling, or should you stick with more general gifts such as watches? You do not have to go over the top financially to show your true appreciation. However, they should feel important for taking the time to be a part of your special day. Hopefully these unique Groomsmen gift ideas will help you decide the perfect gift for your groomsmen.

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