Bailey Arboretum

Bailey Arboretum stands as a captivating and enchanting location, ideal for hosting wedding ceremonies. This charming venue is distinguished by its historical residence, a centerpiece that adds a touch of elegance and a sense of history to any event. The arboretum itself spans an impressive 42 acres, filled with an extraordinary variety of specimen trees, creating a serene and picturesque backdrop. The beauty of the location is further enhanced by tranquil ponds and vibrant flowers, all nestled within the scenic Long Island north shore community of Locust Valley, New York.

This venue is perfectly suited for intimate and distinctive wedding ceremonies, catering to gatherings of up to 50 guests. It offers a unique and personal experience for those seeking a smaller, more exclusive celebration. At present, Bailey Arboretum is focusing solely on ceremonies and is not accepting new bookings for wedding receptions.

For couples interested in exploring the possibility of holding their special day at Bailey Arboretum, or for any inquiries regarding rental opportunities, the arboretum encourages direct communication. Interested parties are invited to reach out via email to for more detailed information and to discuss the potential of making their wedding day truly memorable at this exquisite venue.

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