Bella Donna Chapel

Bella Donna is a place of worship and reflection. Also, this is where your heart will be taken away by immense beauty. This 16th century church was patterned after one in Croatia to create an authentic experience for everyone. Notably, this church is the core of the Adriatica Village where it stands! On one hand, Bella Donna Chapel is the place to celebrate life’s defining moments. Whether it be new beginnings or renewing vows already made, they will help create an unforgettable experience!

Moreover, the city of Adriatica is a 45-acre village located on the private lake in McKinney, Texas. Adriatica is a beautiful, serene neighborhood with many family-owned businesses. From the quaint flower shop and wine bistro to several restaurants, boutiques or other small enterprises. There’s something for everyone here!

Adriatica is a village of diverse housing options for all lifestyles. Offering luxurious million-dollar villas to apartments at St. Paul’s Square. There are also condominiums with communal spaces and lush greenery abundant throughout the area. Adriatica makes it easy to choose Bella Donna as the location for your wedding day without a doubt.

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