Big Bend National Park

Imagine the most epic visualization of your wildest dreams, and that’s what you will find in Far West Texas. The night skies there are as black as coal with stars twinkling above an ancient landscape carved by rivers centuries ago. Also, Big Bend is a magical place with the most diverse species of cacti in all Texas. The sun shines brightly on these plants, and they thrive to show off their beautiful colors under this radiant sky!

Further, Big Bend is a hiker’s paradise. More than 150 miles of desert and mountain trails lead to an abundance of scenic vistas and rock formations here. If you’re looking for a place to camp here, there are four developed campgrounds and primitive backcountry sites. In fact, this is a photographer’s dream come true as well! If you choose Big Bend to be the location for your engagement session, you will surely capture majestic set of photos in no time.

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