Bodley-Bullock House

On your wedding day, the Bodley-Bullock House will provide you with beautiful Federal and Greek inspired architecture. This is a welcoming site that is full of history dating back to 1814! Also, you and your guests will be thrilled by the home’s three-story stairway, antique furnishings and grounds to explore. On one hand, the brick exterior is a handsome backdrop for all of these memories as well.

Moreover, what better way to spend your wedding day than in the company of those who love you most? A garden wedding is an ideal way to have a tranquil and intimate ceremony too. The Bodley-Bullock side porch is an ideal spot for cocktail hour after exchanging vows. A wedding celebration inside the house is both traditional and modern. Share your love for one another with all those present in an evening of dancing, dining and delicious food. When you come to this historic home, the aromas of fresh cut flowers and burning candles will fill your nose. The cozy atmosphere is perfect for couples who want their love shown honor with elegant decorations in such an iconic place!

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