Brazilian Room

The historic Brazilian Room in Berkeley is a striking venue perfect for celebrations. Surrounded by the aroma of pine, oak and eucalyptus trees, it’s no wonder why this room has been desirable to rent out since the 20th century. Notably, the Brazilian Room is a gift from the country of Brazil to celebrate their exhibition hall at the Golden Gate Exposition on Treasure Island in 1939. This historic property is a one of kind architectural work. With the original interior paneling from Brazil and an exterior made by WPA.

Further, the outdoor view is popularly enjoyed from the flagstone patio, where most wedding ceremonies are mostly held. It also sits on top of sloping lawns and trees peppered across a hillside. A small garden adjoining the patio adds onto its sophistication and romance. This intimate and extravagant spot is ideal for a 150-person ceremony. The Old English style makes the Brazilian Room as beautiful inside as it is outside! The grandiose hall has a unique, cozy feel with its glass doors and wooden beams. Its floor-to ceiling windows on either side let in the perfect amount of sunlight while giving you views to admire outside too. The fireplace is huge, so everyone will be able to enjoy it when they gather around during events like this one!

Lastly, the Brazilian Room is serene and tranquil. Offering an environment free from noise, so you can feel relaxed. The space honors nature’s gifts as well its heritage. While creating a place that should be part of your family tradition for years to come. Truly, this is the perfect place to hold your wedding. As it offers an elegant and classy setting with beautiful features that will make you feel like royalty on your special day!

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