Bryn Du Mansion

Bryn Du Mansion welcomes the bride and groom to create their special day by choosing which of its stunning outdoor areas would best suit them. The Formal Garden, Front Patio, Great Lawn, or Field House Terrace; all offer a uniquely timeless background for your wedding ceremony. In addition, this mansion has been the host of a variety of ceremonies. All of which are in a different setting. Some couples have opted for small brunches, while others reserved large parties to be held inside the house or even expansive tents set up outside. It’s truly and simply up to you!

An added bonus at Bryn Du is that you personalize your celebration. Compared to other facilities, you are not limited to a list of approved caterers and service providers. You can work with your choice of caterer and wedding services. Yes, you heard that one right! More importantly, there are opportunities for any budget. May you want your special day to be grand or simply intimate with your close family and friends – they can provide that for you. So that every couple can experience the mansion’s magnificence. On the other hand, its rich history makes it extra sentimental to visitors.

Looking back, the great white barn that has graced the Bryn Du Estate for a century, once housed prize-winning horses. All belonging to Sallie Jones Sexton of the Jones family. Today, it is home to The Bryn Du Quilt Barn Square. Celebrating its 15th anniversary in 2019, community members came together and helped paint this square as an homage to their special place and time spent here.

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