Caledonia State Park

The 1,125-acre Caledonia State Park is in Adams and Franklin counties. Also, it is halfway between Chambersburg and Gettysburg along the Lincoln Highway. It’s a beautiful spot for an outdoor adventure with tons of opportunities to enjoy nature. Along with hiking trails, easy walks around picnic tables or long hikes up mountainsides!

In addition, the four state parks in this area are a haven for nature enthusiasts. The soils on either side of the South Mountain are perfect for fruit production, proven by the abundance orchards in this area. Additionally, the Manges and Moyer families started a Sunday school in the summer of 1917. Fitted for their children who were vacationing at Caledonia. Over time, this led to a wonderful increase of cabin residents around the park. On one hand, since 1955, the Franklin County Sunday School Association has kept a tradition alive. And offered outdoor nondenominational classes for Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day. All are welcome to attend too.

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