At the Carnegie Museum of Art & Natural History, you’ll discover a remarkable selection of over 10 distinctive spaces to host your next special event. Whether you prefer the opulence of gilded halls and marble columns or the modern charm of contemporary corridors and scenic overlooks, the museum offers a range of captivating venues. Among them, the Carnegie Music Hall and the Music Hall Foyer stand out as the epitome of grandeur, making them the most magnificent event spaces in Pittsburgh. For a touch of artistic flair, the Hall of Architecture and the Hall of Sculpture provide a unique twist that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. If you’re seeking a contemporary setting, the Scaife Foyer offers a stylish space ideal for cocktail receptions. And for a truly extraordinary experience, the Foster Overlook allows you to enjoy a drink amidst the world-famous dinosaurs of the Carnegie Museum. Elegance and excitement intertwine throughout, ensuring a memorable event for all.

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