Cescaphe Ballroom | Cescaphe

The instant your guests enter the dashing door, their eyes aglow from taking in all of the beauty that surrounds them. That’s when it becomes clear to you how perfect this place is for any event – and with so many uniquely luxurious wedding venues to choose from! With a wide variety of styles like classic elegance or modern European flair, Cescaphe makes sure no couple goes without finding something they love!

Now, shift your attention to the timeless Cescaphe Ballroom, located in the heart of Northern Liberties. Undeniably, a venue that offers the most authentic immersive experience. Further, from the moment you walk in, it will feel like the golden age of cinema. The venue exhibits chandeliers draped with pearls and antiqued brass hardware that creates a sense of luxury in every detail. Additionally, there are separate cocktail spaces you could choose from: The Garden Courtyard serves as the entryway to Cescaphe and it’s first cocktail space. The Lounge Area is used during winter months, just in case you need a little warmer spot! It also holds chef-attended action stations where guests can create their own cocktails with fresh juices at an ice sculpture bar. Lastly, you’ll also find a baby grand player piano for soft background music, while enjoying full service bars and dancing by the candlelight.

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