Cove Beach Lodge

Nestled in one of the most pristine areas on Oregon’s coast, The Cove Beach Lodge offers guests a tranquil and serene environment that is only accessible by a private rental. With panoramic views from every room, this home will be your new favorite vacation spot! It provides its residents with breathtaking oceanfront views. As well as the opportunity to experience some truly remarkable natural beauty right at their doorstep. Also, guests are encouraged to take advantage of all of what Falcon Cove has to offer. Such as hiking miles upon miles through untouched forests. Better yet, explore the vast coastline, where you can find tide pools full of sea life and hidden beaches. Or, if you want something more extreme – get married here! You’ll have the perfect intimate setting with undisturbed privacy as guaranteed.

In detail, Cove Beach Lodge is a 4,000 square foot luxury home. The kitchen alone has top-of-the line appliances that will make anyone drool with envy! This house offers four bedrooms and four bathrooms in which 12 to 14 guests can sleep comfortably. Built into this space is an intimate reading nook with well-stacked bookshelves. Perfect for curling up next to the fireplace on winter nights or summer afternoons. Perhaps when it’s too hot outside and there’s not enough beach seaweed at low tide to build sandcastles!

Quiet and tranquil, this lodge sits surrounded by a spruce forest and offers breathtaking views of the sea. Watch elk roam in this serene setting or enjoy bald eagles soaring high above Castle Rock just off shore. This spacious home is perfect for family and friends to share memories together, while also creating new ones!

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