Downtown Dallas

Downtown Dallas area has a constantly growing arts scene, with many green spaces for relaxation and enjoyment. There are also plenty of restaurants that offer cuisine from around the world. As well as luxurious stores if you’re looking to splurge on some new clothes or jewelry! A visit to Dallas is not complete without experiencing the city’s West End District. This historic neighborhood houses museums that are worth seeing, like the Old Red Museum and JFK Memorial Plaza.

Dallas has an amazing 20-square block art district that is the largest urban arts hub in North America. With 68 acres, this walkable downtown area features artwork for all of your senses. It also provides you with endless opportunities to experience creativity! Meanwhile, you can find a little bit of Texas in every bite at the Dallas Farmers Market. The diverse flavors and cultures are on display when you sample food from local chefs, farmers or ranchers who have set up shop here to sell their products. Notably, you can never go wrong for choosing Downtown Dallas as the open location for your much anticipated engagement session!

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