Ecola State Park

The natural beauty of Ecola State Park will leave you in awe! It is a 9 mile stretch along the coast that offers outstanding sightseeing and recreation opportunities. Also, it is combined with an amazing past! You can enjoy scenic hikes, picnicking by the ocean’s edge or explore rocks to find some hidden treasures just waiting for discovery. This park has something for everyone year round so make sure it makes your list as soon as possible.

The beauty of the Oregon coast unfolds before visitors at every turn as they journey through the park. Whether you stop to admire a breathtaking view or walk along picturesque trails. There are plenty sights that make this destination memorable for all who visit it! Now, you may ask, can you get married here? Well, the answer is yes! As a matter of fact, Elopements in Oregon are simply magical. The forests of the Pacific Northwest will enchant you. While the beachside views at Ecola State Park make this one-of-kind destination an absolute must! For a small wedding with just you and your crew, all that is needed are the photographer and officiant. However, be mindful of parking fees at this popular spots.

Also, the Oregon State Parks office has a special permit for people who want to celebrate at Ecola. Especially those that need more than the standard day use. You may obtain a permit if you are more than 50 people; that includes setting up props, like an arch or other decorations. If there is any filming involved, make sure all equipment has been set up. So that no one’s access to Ecola State Park is inhibited. Moreover, this is a great place to go sightseeing. As it opens up onto the grassy bluff with views of the Pacific Ocean. You can stop for a picnic before taking on miles of trails. As it offers many surprises! You can see deer or eagles soaring overhead. Also, keep an eye out for migrating gray whales throughout winter and spring. Surely, this wedding destination is one for the books!

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