Ecotrust Events

Ecotrust is a historic rooftop wedding venue that provides views of the surrounding city. A dedicated event center, Ecotrust encompasses central city blocks and renovated warehouses. Also, it paves a way to offer couples a forward-thinking event space. Equipped with the purpose of endless possibilities for special occasions. Perhaps, your wedding will be one for the books in this exquisite venue!

Further, this historic building was designed with an eco-friendly theme. The interior features terraces, which showcase dramatic panoramic views of the city skyline. Also, the conference center provides industrial design and sliding barn doors for receptions. Meanwhile, there’s the 7,000-square-foot Irving Street Studio, the newest space in the venue. It features hardwood floors, natural light, original wood beams, and brick archways. Looking back, the building is a converted 1890s warehouse. Uniquely, it is wealthy of intricate architectural details. Making it the first renovation to become LEED Gold Certified!

If you’ll look at it, your celebration will definitely be contributing towards green living and sustainability. While still maintaining that bona fide Oregon flare of elegance. Moreover, Ecotrust operates around the mission to create environmental well-being. While providing economic opportunity and social equity, which they achieve through their event venues. The venue is powered by green practices so that it can conduct each event in an environmentally friendly way.

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