Gold Creek Pond

Gold Creek Pond is a picturesque mountain pond atop Snoqualmie Pass. Also, it provides the perfect hiking destination for children and adults alike. In addition, the entire route can be walked without assistance too. Making it easy to enjoy with small kids or those who are wheelchair bound. For those of you who have been driving for a long time and need to stretch your legs, this is the perfect opportunity as well. Better yet, have your much anticipated engagement photo session here for a picturesque backdrop!

There are many ponds and creeks on this hiking trail too. But the first part goes through willow trees with wildflowers along Gold Creek. Hikers will soon be on a boardwalk that extends above the marshy area. This is where they will cross over to their destination at the north end of this pond, and it’s all thanks for those who maintain these lovely trails! On this beach, there are plenty of tables in between shaded spots. Which allow for relaxation and dining with breathtaking views into the Alpine Lakes Wilderness.

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