Hazelnut Farm

A Truly Unique Celebration Space!

Nestled within a tranquil haven, this venue seamlessly marries timeless tradition with contemporary elegance, carving out a distinctive niche far from the ordinary. Concealed within an exclusive estate mere moments from the Gene Snyder expressway, this gem reveals itself amidst lush gardens, a sanctuary of serenity.

Reimagining the past, the recently fashioned edifice harmoniously intertwines with the original framework, metamorphosing the conventional barn into a haven of climate-controlled sophistication, adeptly accommodating up to 350 esteemed attendees. A grand vista unveils itself as a procession of French doors unfurls, revealing an expansive sheltered terrace extending over 100 feet, an interplay of wrought iron and crystalline brilliance that stands as a unique testament to innovation.

The venue extends an array of offerings to its cherished clientele: a curated collection of tables and seating for indoor gatherings, meticulously designed ADA-compliant restroom facilities, a culinary haven equipped for the chosen caterer, handpicked from an esteemed roster, and exclusive dressing suites adorned with opulent furnishings, extending a haven of indulgence for an entire day’s sojourn. To fully grasp the exquisite allure and strategic placement of this sanctuary, one must experience it firsthand – a mere 25-minute journey from the vibrant heart of downtown Louisville!

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