Historic Shady Lane

Historic Shady Lane is a beautiful wedding venue located in the heart of Pennsylvania. It is where you’ll find lush grounds and forest scenery in every corner. Also, their rustic setting makes for memorable moments with your loved ones by offering natural elegance that will last forever!

Similarly, your wedding day will be everything you’ve ever dreamed of. With an abundant and naturally-landscaped backdrop. So, let nature paint its own canvas for you! And let the team of experts from Shady Lane to help make your ceremony go off without any hiccups. Simply imagine enjoying an evening in the beauty of their historic gardens, marveling at a glass greenhouse as it lets out a natural floral fragrance. Gaze upon old stone buildings that were once homes centuries ago, and still hold stories from their pasts until today. In fact, the property was saved from developers and now thrives as an event venue. Every year, it opens its doors to allow 70 couples the chance of making their dream wedding come true!

Historic Shady Lane is a unique space that can host events such as weddings, engagement parties and rehearsals. The greenhouse has been outfitted with intimate features too. Suited for small groups who want an extra special location – perfect if you’re looking at styled photo sessions. For the big day, Historic Shady Lane provides couples with a separate suite to prepare beforehand. They also allow pets on their property so that all members of your family can be present.

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