J&J Nursery and Garden Center

Note: This venue is no longer holding weddings.

The story of J&J Garden Center is one that spans generations. The original family farm dates back to pioneer times. Brothers Jerry and Dave Stevenson now proudly own and operates it. While situated on the same beautifully maintained land that their father farmed for many years before them. All while being maintainers not only in good conscience, but also because they love what this business does so much!

J&J’s nursery is the preferred provider of landscape companies. The company provides large-scale retail operations as well as an extensive selection for nurseries in need, where they are able to bring their expertise that has been cultivated over decades from producing plants at every stage and size with care and precision. Also, as a nursery, they grow the beautiful Poinsettia flower. It is known as one of nature’s most vibrant plants. And in October, it will turn to a variety colors and create an amazing display for all visitors to enjoy in this center. Not to mention, a perfect place to have that engagement or formal photo session too!

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