K50 Waterfall

K50 Waterfall is a stunning two day destination! In fact, it’s located at the border between Gia Lai and Binh Dinh, Kbang District in Vietnam. It would take tourists who are looking to reach this iconic landmark by specialized transportation across thick jungles of Kon Chu Rang Nature Reserve. Additionally, you can opt for an intimate elopement at this magnificent place as well. Have a unique outdoor ceremony that will be the talk of the town!

Further, K50 Waterfall is one of Vietnam’s most impressive waterfalls, and it makes for an incredible journey to see this natural wonder. The lush forests that line the road throughout your trip will make you feel like a true explorer! K50 Waterfall is a 60m high, fast flowing from the mossy mountain chains into crystal-clear streams. The majestic natural beauty can be seen as it creates an airy atmosphere below and surrounded by giant stones.

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